Application: Shunts are indispensable accesories for measuring current in DC installations, specially for high amperages. They provide a voltage drop (mV) proportional to the current, which is easily measurable by means of moving-coil ammeters (types PQ y PAQ). They can also be connected to wattmeters (type DQ../1w) and other measuring or protection devices.

Standard voltages drops are 60 mV and 150 mV. Shunts of 150 mV are recommended when the voltage drop across the potential leads is high, due to theirlength and/or the high consumption of the instrument.

• Accuracy class 0.5 / Special executions class 0.2 on request

• Shunts of 1…25 A ranges (and on request, 60mV 40…150 A) are fixed on an isolating base.

• The isolating base is adapted to be assembled on a 35 mm DIN rail.